Antibody Engineering

Antibody Engineering

We deliver unrivalled, industry-leading knowledge and expertise in Antibody Engineering.

CDRx™ Humanization

We have humanized thousands of antibodies since 2012. Our humanization service will deliver antibodies that are not only de-immunized but also maintain binding affinity for the target and are optimised for manufacturability. Using our unique humanization approach we de-risk your project reducing your downstream development costs and accelerating your program to the clinic.

You’ll be clear on the developability and manufacturability potential of your antibody after completing your humanization stage with us.

Reformatting Toolkit

We are experienced in producing antibodies in a wide range of formats including scFv, Fab, bispecific and many more. We can also combine our reformatting services with our humanization platform to express your humanized antibodies in an alternative format. There is no other company in the world that has the same experience in engineered antibody production.

Antibody Developability

Early assessment of antibody lead candidates for developability can save millions in COGs and reduced timelines during development. Our developability assessment involves analysis of the primary sequence and tertiary structure of your molecule and design of the optimal antibody sequence, rooting out any challenges you may face at later stages. We can accelerate your development program, not only saving you time and money but helping your treatment reach patients faster.

Affinity Maturation

We offer a unique affinity maturation service that does more than focus on target binding. Our Rational Affinity Maturation Platform (RAMP™) uses proprietary library design approaches and in silico selection methods, to deliver matured antibody sequences in record timelines. Using RAMP™, we can improve not only target affinity but also manufacturability and specificity of your molecule (to create an overall balanced profile) that has the highest chances of success downstream. Using lessons learned from nature, we aim with RAMP™ to help your treatment reach patients faster.

Fusion Antibodies