Antibody Supply

Antibody Supply

Antibody Supply

Gene to Protein Expression

We can provide expression in both mammalian and bacterial systems and have combined our bioinformatics and biochemistry expertise, with 18 years’ experience in recombinant protein production, to consistently produce high quality proteins.  High quality protein production will underpin all successful antibody engineering projects and pre-clinical efficacy studies.

Antibody Characterization

Hand-in-hand with recombinant protein and antibody production, we also offer a full suite of antibody characterization techniques for QC of your high-quality protein batches and also detailed characterization of your molecule. We build flexible and tailored packages to fit each  project’s requirements.

Cell Line Development

Ready for the next stage in getting to the clinic? We offer clients a choice of well-validated cGMP compliant cell lines for manufacturing cell line development. and approach our these projects with a focus on the best possible sequence to deliver the best possible results.

Fusion Antibodies