A new blood test developed by Enfer Scientific Ltd, Ireland in collaboration with Fusion Antibodies could see significantly faster and more accurate testing for TB in cattle.

The ELISA based assay was developed using Fusion’s unique FET platform for expression of recombinant proteins in E.coli. Our platform provides a reliable, professional service for the expression of your gene of interest and has led the way for the development of the Enferplex™ TB assay.

The Enferplex TB assay offers rapid analysis (3 Hours from sample to result) from incredibly small volumes (<10µl) and because no specialist laboratory equipment is needed the test can be performed in most modern labs easily. Having been trailed on over 100,000 cattle, with its significant improvements in specificity and sensitivity and lower long term costs over previous testing methods, the Enferplex assay could be key to cost effective eradication of Bovine TB in Europe and worldwide.

This was made possible by the Fusion Antibodies FET platform.

What could the Fusion Antibodies FET expression platform do for your recombinant proteins, diagnostic development and biomarkers?

We typically expect a rapid turnaround of approximately 4 weeks including generation of a full technical report of the work completed. Our recombinant proteins can be used as bio-markers, diagnostic test proteins and also as excellent antigens which produce a strong immune response and yield antibodies in 99% of cases

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To enter into the spirit of the Olympic games we want to offer our Gold standard Antibody sequencing service with an additional 20% discount

Here at Fusion Antibodies we are excited to have the London 2012 Olympics starting later this week. Watching the athletes from around the world competing, in a demonstration of human excellence for the number 1 Gold position.

To enter into the spirit of the Olympic games we want to offer our Gold standard Antibody sequencing service with an additional 20% discount to all new inquiries from now until the end of September which mention the London 2012 Olympic offer!

Our ground breaking guaranteed antibody sequencing services have made us a recognized leader in monoclonal hybridoma antibody sequencing. We can sequence from any antibody producing cell line and are one of the few (if not the only) companies that have also sequenced dead hybridoma cells.

Over the past eight years we have sequenced more than 500 antibodies from a variety of species including mouse, rat, bovine, human guinea pig, hamster, rabbits and human antibody secreting EBV cell lines. Whatever your application you can rely on our antibody sequencing for quality, consistency and accurate results.

Fusion Antibodies robust, world-class services have been used repeatedly by top pharmaceuticals and biomedical companies, clinical research organizations and research scientists around the world.

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A month has passed from the last BIO conference in Boston (www.bio.org) and the dust has settled to review.

Fusion Antibodies has been attending this great event over the past 12 years and although the numbers have fallen from the 20,000+ attendee peaks in 2007/08 the networking opportunities and value this conference brings is at an all time high! The numbers are down, but the quality is still there, and as the number 1 global BIO networking event, the superb partnering system allowed targeted connections and record number of meetings to be held (25,291).

At Fusion Antibodies we were fortunate enough to also have held a record number of meetings and present clients with our offerings of Antibody Humanization, Antibody Sequencing, Antibody production and Cell line Engineering & development. I come away from the BIO conference with a sense of optimism, after e-mails and calls during the year it is great to meet face-to-face and sit down with potential business partners from around the world, all in the one place. Boston was a wonderful host city, the weather was great and I look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Paul Kerr
Managing Director – Fusion Antibodies Ltd

Fusion Antibodies are announcing a new antibody sequencing guarantee to researchers around the world— no success, no fee.

We can sequence from any antibody producing cell line, mouse, rat, bovine, human guinea pig, hamster, rabbits and human antibody secreting EBV. We’re one of the only companies to successfully perform hybridoma sequencing and guarantee it.

Our quick, reliable and consistent monoclonal antibody sequencing service has always delivered top quality results that speak for themselves. Our new success guarantee further enhances researchers’ comfort and confidence in the outcome of their scientific research projects.

Why Is This Sequencing Guarantee Such Good News?

Pharmaceuticals, biomedical companies, clinical research organizations and research scientists looking to outsource Ab sequencing and hybridoma sequencing will enjoy greater peace of mind. They now have the added assurance that they will get the results they need to accelerate and validate their discoveries or patents.

Fusion Antibodies is efficient and thorough, plus we have several service levels to match your needs. A full report of the consensus variable domains including CDR identification is generated and sent to our clients for discussion. We can also provide you with the cDNA construct.

Contact us today for a quotation for guaranteed antibody sequencing. We serve clients in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, China, and wherever in the world your scientific research may be conducted.

Royalty-free and competitively-priced humanization service from Fusion Antibodies enables researchers to accelerate and validate their discoveries in an economical manner.

Cost is one of the primary concerns during research and clinical studies. Our reasonable pricing and bonus offer of no-royalty makes it possible for you to afford world-class expertise for all your projects.

Antibody humanisation improves antibody therapy results by reducing the HAMA (human anti-mouse antibody) response in patients. This can speed up drug development for a range of disease areas, from bacterial infections and autoimmune disorders, to cancer. We provide a comprehensive proposal outlining our plans, timelines and associated costs. Plus we offer our clients the option of including or excluding specific stages of our humanization process to meet their individual project and budget requirements.

  • Researchers around the world rely on Fusion Antibodies contract humanization service to accelerate their discovery programs towards clinical trials and value to their programs.
  • Our team of highly experienced scientists uses advanced proprietary technology developed to incorporate antibody variable domains into human donor sequences.
  • The process involves creating a panel of human light and heavy chains which are then used to effectively generate full length humanized antibodies for expression.
  • We also provide affinity analysis and additional antibody characterization.

Please contact us for a quote and further information.