Antibody Discovery

Antibody Discovery

Our approach to discovery is to put function first. Our team takes advantage of cutting edge technologies and a repertoire of animal hosts to make your project a success.

Discovery Rediscovered

Fusion Antibodies understand antibodies. Our experienced team will integrate our expertise with your understanding of the role you want your antibody to play. Whether a simple binder is needed for research assays, a highly specific diagnostic or a potential therapeutic candidate acting on complex biological systems, every project is different, every target is unique. Our long experience and expertise in generating antibodies has shown us the value of drawing from a repertoire of antigen design options, immunisation scheduling, host species and screening strategies to build successful antibody discovery projects.

Mouse and rat hybridoma technology, B-cell cloning strategies from rabbit and even diverse species such as chicken and more, each has its own characteristics and application. We will integrate antigen, immunisation and screening tools to exploit these traits. We can select the best approach in partnership with you to deliver an antibody that not only binds but one which works in the way you need it to.

How do we do this?

Strategy, function and execution are the key to success. Once we’ve received your inquiry we’ll set up a call to get the detail that we need.  Next, we will examine your target and mechanism of action to propose an appropriate strategy. Once agreed, we will execute that strategy and de-risk your project through project management.


Selection of the Host Species that works best

Fusion Antibodies will help select the host species that is best suited to generating the type of antibody you need. Whether exploiting the rich diversity, affinity and specificity of rabbit B-cell monoclonals, or the targeted epitope specific focus and high screening rate of mouse hybridoma. Accounting for sequence conservation between species, we will design all aspects of the project around our knowledge of the host animal’s immune response.

Cutting-Edge Antigen Design Portfolio

When the Fusion Antibody Discovery Team take on a target we are starting from a position of having developed successful strategies for similar targets over the years. We have combined 17 years expertise and experience into generating a suite of immunogenic strategies specifically optimised to generate antibodies to a range of targets from small molecules to GPCRs and more.

Each strategy is selected for your project based on analysis of sequence, epitope availability, host-species immune response, as well as specificity requirements such as isoforms and PTMs and desired cross reactivity in the preclinical pathway.

This is carried out by experienced, dedicated scientists, interpreting output from a suite of state-of-the-art 3D protein structural modelling packages, epitope analysis and more; ensuring good alignment with the parental target and elimination of sequence liabilities.

Antigen Design Portfolio
Structural modelling

Support from State of the Art Structural Modelling

Rather than relying on algorithms and guesswork alone for epitope prediction, Fusion Antibodies employs a suite of advanced protein 3D structural modelling tools. Generating homology models of potential antigenic peptides and proteins and aligning with the parental structures to select the best tools for the job. Experienced scientists interpret and apply the output from these packages overlaid with their own expertise to offer an antigen design service like no other.  An approach that has delivered antibodies with highly specific activity.

Smart Screening from the Start

For Fusion Antibodies, a properly designed screening strategy is the most vital component of a successful antibody discovery programme.  We exploit every available opportunity to push the clones being selected, whether from a hybridoma or B-cell platform to find the antibodies that work.

Immunogen Design, Host-Species selection and screening are planned together, incorporating high-throughput screening with functional assays. Screening antigens are carefully designed and selected to complement the immunisation strategy, ensuring specificity in the clones selected.  Target-Expressing stable CHO and HEK cell line pools can also be generated to confirm native protein activity.

Antibody screening

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