Fusion Antibodies and Pepscan announce collaboration

Fusion Antibodies have today announced a partnership with Dutch biotechnology company Pepscan to offer the companies CLIPS epitope mapping platform to Fusion Antibodies Customers.

Pepscan is the inventor of epitope mapping with arrays of overlapping linear peptides and has perfected its HiSense linear epitope mapping to deliver unparalleled sensitivity and reproducibility.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of therapeutic antibodies have conformational or discontinuous epitopes, which often cannot be elucidated with linear peptide mapping. CLIPS Precision Epitope Mapping overcomes this limitation through the use of libraries of conformationally constrained peptides. Using combinatorial CLIPS library designs, Precision Epitope Mapping allows for the detection of conformational, discontinuous, and complex epitopes including multimeric protein complexes. Precision Epitope Mapping offers unrivalled single residue resolution, and can determine the contribution of individual amino acids to the binding of an antibody. As the arrays can be re-used multiple times, it is the method of choice for comparative mapping of sets of antibodies.

Key features and benefits of Precision Epitope Mapping are:

• Works for all types of epitopes: Linear, conformational and discontinuous
• Applicable to all kinds of target proteins: Soluble as well as membrane integrated proteins
• Unrivalled single residue resolution: Solid support for patent claims and FTO assessments
• Re-usable arrays for multiple screenings: Comparative mapping and fingerprinting of sets of samples
• No crystallization required, multiple screenings on one array: Reliable, fast and cost effective

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At Fusion Antibodies we are proud to have selected Pepscan on the strength of their technology and look forward to working with the company and expanding the range of services we can offer to our customers.