Fusion Antibodies celebrates Antibody Humanization Milestone

Fusion Antibodies, a world leading CRO, has today announced that they have successfully completed their 150th Antibody Humanization project as part of their Antibody Engineering offering.

Humanization is a critical process in the development of therapeutic drugs where the antibody has been derived from a non-human source.

Paul Kerr, CEO of Fusion Antibodies said, “We developed the multiplex and standard CDRx™ platforms in 2012 and have been humanizing antibodies from multiple species since then. We are proud to have reached our 150th Humanization project.

“I am delighted to see more than half of our first 15 clients advancing to clinical stages some as far as Phase 2. The importance of Antibody Humanization cannot be underestimated to ensure manufacturability and increasing success at later stages.”

CDRx™  was launched by Fusion Antibodies in 2012. It generates a matrix of humanized variants from the parental antibody increasing the likelihood of selecting the optimal candidate and thereby accelerating the project to clinical trials. Fusion Antibodies are experienced in delivering successful humanization projects. These projects can range from one single sequence to humanizing hundreds of molecules from B-Cell repertoires.