Fusion Antibodies launches Affinity Maturation Service

Fusion Antibodies introduces novel Affinity Maturation platform (RAMP™)

Building upon over 18 years’ experience in antibody engineering and humanization we are proud to introduce our novel Affinity Maturation platform (RAMP™) for the rapid optimization of your antibody.

Somatic hypermutation is the natural process by which immunoglobulins undergo affinity maturation and selection, as part of the adaptive immune response, in order to increase their binding affinity to their target antigen

Fusion Antibodies’ RAMP™ platform adopts lessons from nature and combines a rational approach to library design, with rapid in silico selection for both improved binding potential and predicted stability. The result is that we will generate an enriched ‘micro-library’ of variants with improved stability and affinity for the target.

We go the extra mile to deliver exceptional antibodies by applying our expert knowledge and cutting edge technologies. Our RAMP™ platform is designed to accelerate your lead selection program, providing you with the best chances of success in the clinic.

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