Fusion Antibodies Ltd and Chiome Bioscience Inc collaboration in chicken antibody sequences humanization

Fusion Antibodies have entered into collaboration with Japanese Biotechnology company Chiome Bioscience to humanize chicken antibodies. The project will use the capabilities of the Fusion Antibodies next generation Antibody Humanization CDRx platform to perform the avian antibody humanization.

We are happy to announce that Fusion Antibodies expanded its footprint in the Asian market and has signed a material transfer agreement with Tokyo based biotechnology company – Chiome Bioscience, inventors of the ADLib® system, to design a humanize antibody using our in silico humanization platform. The collaboration will allow Fusion Antibodies to expand its CDRx Humanization platform which has already proven highly successful with Murine, Rat and Rabbit sequences. Fusion Antibodies expect the CDRx platform to be as successful for avain antibodies as it has been for other species.

The ADLib® system is an innovative technology for antibody generation by leveraging gene conversion of chicken DT40 cells. It generates antibodies quite fast, potentially in about 10 days entirely in vitro. Also it generates antibodies with, theoretically, unlimited diversity, which allows for the development of antibodies that have been considered to be difficult by currently available methods. Chiome has also successfully developed libraries that generate directly human IgG antibody from DT40 cells. ADLib® is the trademark of Chiome Bioscience.

Fusion Antibodies anticipate that its robust in silico computer CDRx platform and expertise will allow a rapid and successful humanization of a new species. The project is due to commence with results expected towards the end of 2014.