Fusion Antibodies receive award

Fusion Antibodies are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Crescent Capital Green Bar Award.

The award recognises the company’s achievement of five profitable quarters of growth in succession. The award was presented to Fusion’s Managing Director Dr Paul Kerr (right) and Chief Technical Officer Dr Richard Buick (centre), by Colin Walsh of Crescent Capital (left).

Paul Kerr, “We are delighted to receive this award, in recognition of the hard work and commitment of all the staff. Crescent Capital has been a key stakeholder and supporter of our business and we accept this award with thanks”.

Colin Walsh, MD of Crescent Capital commented; “The intent of the award is to encourage companies we back to attain profitability; when that is achieved, companies gain control of their own destiny and are no longer dependant on external investors. We generally also see significant improvement in pace, grip, confidence and respect, vital to the success of any business. That is exactly what we have seen at Fusion this year under Paul and Rick’s leadership and why the whole team at Fusion are such worthy winners of the Award.”

Fusion Antibodies plan to build on this and continue to grow over the coming years with improved services and strategic partnerships to provide the high quality materials for the global drug community search for new drugs.

About Fusion Antibodies  

Fusion Antibodies; a UK life science company, based in Belfast, with innovative technologies and world-class expert services for antibody drug discovery,  specialists in the production of high quality Humanized Monoclonal Antibodies and Antibody Engineering Projects and cell line development. With 15+ years of experience in the medical research industry, including 50 Humanized antibodies in clinical and pre-clinical trials, Fusion Antibodies have extensive experience in accelerating therapeutic drug research towards the clinic.

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About Crescent Capital  

Since 1995 Crescent Capital has been supporting and building high-grade venture backed companies in Northern Ireland. Crescent has the most experienced venture management team in Northern Ireland.  The team principals have worked together for many years with a track record of investing successfully and delivering success.

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