Fusion Antibodies to humanize Avipero’s Integrin antibody platform

Fusion Antibodies Ltd has today announced a collaboration with the regenerative medicine company Avipero Ltd for humanization of their integrin antibody platform.

The antibody engineering and humanization program partnered with Fusion Antibodies relates to the humanization of beta integrin targeting antibodies under development by Avipero for tissue repair and viral infections.

The partnership of Avipero and Fusion comes following new developments in Avipero’s R&D and a record breaking year for Fusion Antibodies’ Humanization service. “We are excited to be working with Avipero on their integrin antibodies and confident that Fusion Antibodies CDRx Humanization Platform will deliver high quality humanized antibodies that will accelerate the project into the clinic” says Dr Richard Buick, Chief Technical Officer of Fusion Antibodies.

“This significant development will help strengthen the momentum of our development program and allow recent advances to progress seamlessly” says Dr. Rehab AlJamal-Naylor, Chief Scientific Officer of Avipero Ltd. The private biopharmaceutical company Avipero Ltd is focused on the development of novel allosteric integrin targeting antibodies for unmet clinical needs. The principal clinical indication for its R&D is Parkinson’s disease. Avipero has recently expanded its platform to include orphan viral infections.

The project is due to start in the next few weeks with early data expected over the summer.