Humanized antibody for invasive pulmonary aspergillosis: Fusion Antibodies and ISCA diagnostic collaboration

Fusion Antibodies and ISCA diagnostics are announcing successful development of a humanized version of ISCA Diagnostic’s Aspergillus-specific monoclonal antibody JF5. The project has taken place over the past 10 months and today marks its successful completion.

Fusion Antibodies is happy to announce the successful completion of the humanization of the Aspergillus-specific monoclonal antibody JF5. The project was completed in collaboration with UK medical diagnostics company ISCA Diagnostics and was completed ahead of schedule and with outstanding results.

The JF5 humanization project is the most recent in a series of successful projects for Fusion Antibodies and is a case study example of the robust nature of Fusion Antibodies’ CDRx humanization platform. Fusion Antibodies have been able to prove that is CDRx Humanization platform maintains the binding affinity of the parental JF5 antibody. ELISA analysis shows high titres of the three clones are displayed against the target mannoprotein antigen when compared with mouse antibody from the parent hybridoma JF5, with target recognition maintained at the picogram/ml level.

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