New blood test reduces diagnostic time for bovine tuberculosis

A new blood test developed by Enfer Scientific Ltd, Ireland in collaboration with Fusion Antibodies could see significantly faster and more accurate testing for TB in cattle.

The ELISA based assay was developed using Fusion’s unique FET platform for expression of recombinant proteins in E.coli. Our platform provides a reliable, professional service for the expression of your gene of interest and has led the way for the development of the Enferplex™ TB assay.

The Enferplex TB assay offers rapid analysis (3 Hours from sample to result) from incredibly small volumes (<10µl) and because no specialist laboratory equipment is needed the test can be performed in most modern labs easily. Having been trailed on over 100,000 cattle, with its significant improvements in specificity and sensitivity and lower long term costs over previous testing methods, the Enferplex assay could be key to cost effective eradication of Bovine TB in Europe and worldwide.

This was made possible by the Fusion Antibodies FET platform.

What could the Fusion Antibodies FET expression platform do for your recombinant proteins, diagnostic development and biomarkers?

We typically expect a rapid turnaround of approximately 4 weeks including generation of a full technical report of the work completed. Our recombinant proteins can be used as bio-markers, diagnostic test proteins and also as excellent antigens which produce a strong immune response and yield antibodies in 99% of cases

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