Phase 1 of Fusion Antibodies expansion project underway

We are delighted to showcase the progress of Phase 1 of our ambitious expansion project that is now well underway.

As many of you will remember, in December 2017 Fusion Antibodies became one of only three companies in Northern Ireland to trade on the London Stock Exchange. Here at Fusion, we wanted to take the opportunity to give an update on some of the exciting happenings that have been going on since then.

Through raising funds on the Stock Exchange, our intention was to secure additional space in the building on our existing site, enabling us to more than double our facilities and our intentions are to complete the fit out of the new laboratory by the end of 2018.

We are delighted to say that Phase 1 of our ambitious expansion project is well underway. Over the past month, there have been countless contractor’s, architects, builders and more, working tirelessly to turn a large empty warehouse space into a modern, colourful, comfortable open plan office space that perfectly shows off the culture of Fusion Antibodies. Although it is not completed, we are really pleased with the progress and we wanted to share a few pictures with you.

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