Royalty-free, humanization service

Royalty-free and competitively-priced humanization service from Fusion Antibodies enables researchers to accelerate and validate their discoveries in an economical manner.

Cost is one of the primary concerns during research and clinical studies. Our reasonable pricing and bonus offer of no-royalty makes it possible for you to afford world-class expertise for all your projects.

Antibody humanisation improves antibody therapy results by reducing the HAMA (human anti-mouse antibody) response in patients. This can speed up drug development for a range of disease areas, from bacterial infections and autoimmune disorders, to cancer. We provide a comprehensive proposal outlining our plans, timelines and associated costs. Plus we offer our clients the option of including or excluding specific stages of our humanization process to meet their individual project and budget requirements.

  • Researchers around the world rely on Fusion Antibodies contract humanization service to accelerate their discovery programs towards clinical trials and value to their programs.
  • Our team of highly experienced scientists uses advanced proprietary technology developed to incorporate antibody variable domains into human donor sequences.
  • The process involves creating a panel of human light and heavy chains which are then used to effectively generate full length humanized antibodies for expression.
  • We also provide affinity analysis and additional antibody characterization.

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