The CDRx Platform

Fusion Antibodies have developed a next generation computer platform for rapid, high quality generation of humanized antibodies.

The CDRx platform modernizes the traditional CDR grafting technique by in silico grafting parental CDR’s into mature human antibody frameworks. The CDRx platform screens a database of over 100,000 antibody sequences with bespoke algorithms and, by multiple analytical techniques, defines a panel of human donor frameworks. Once generated, the full length humanized antibodies can be further refined (or germlined) to be even more “human”.

The CDRx platform has went from strength to strength over the past 12 months and thanks to our two-fold affinity guarantee we have seen a 100% success rate. Moreover, we have had the privilege to work with some fantastic clients and humanize what promises to be crucially important drugs in their respective fields. Following recent announcement of the CALY-002 humanization with Calypso Biotech for Celiac Disease, Fusion Antibodies plan to soon announce a new collaboration for humanization of a anti-fungal antibody. This proves the versatility of our platform and the range of exciting targets we can humanize in addition to those in the oncology field.

Fusion Antibodies CDRx platform allows rapid antibody humanization in as little as 12 weeks

The Fusion Antibodies Humanization CDRx platform allows us to do more than our competitors because we not only have no theoretical limit to the number of sequences we can analyse, but we can do complex analysis extremely fast. We can deliver a panel humanized sequences in as little as two weeks, with gene synthesis and transient expression of proof-of-concept material in as little as 12 weeks. We screen for t-cell epitopes, produce a chimeric control antibody in parallel and most importantly don’t charge any royalties. Our modular ordering system allows our clients to pick and choose the services they require allowing for maximum flexability.

The next 12 months looks set to be very exciting as we develop the platform further and see progression of our clients humanized antibodies through the clinic.

Andrew Glover, Business Development Executive