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Fusion Antibodies are currently recruiting for a scientific position. Apply today at

Fusion Antibodies are currently recruiting for a scientific position. Please see more details below or email

Scientist – Antibody Biology

About the Job


This is a graduate level entry position at Fusion Antibodies Ltd.​ Fusion Antibodies is a CRO that offers a range of antibody engineering services for all stages of therapeutic and diagnostic antibody development.​ The role will be to assist the Senior Scientists in carrying out molecular and cell biology experiments daily.​ Practical lab experience in molecular biology and cell culture is preferred but not essential.​

The successful candidate will learn the techniques associated with DNA amplification and sequencing, protein expression and purification, and mammalian cell culture.​ He/​She will work as a member of a team dedicated to the production and characterisation of antibodies.​ The candidate’s input into this team will be to provide hands-on assistance in the laboratory and contribute ideas during discussions on project progress.​ The candidate will also be involved in the daily running of the laboratory, including attending research and production meetings, and will on occasion be asked to present data at these meetings.​

Duties may include but not be limited to PCR, DNA purification, DNA sequencing, protein expression, protein/​antibody purification, cell culture, ELISA screen, Western blot, SDS-PAGE, associated buffer production, lab cleaning, laboratory notebook records, written reports, and management of stock reagents.​


BSc in Biological Sciences or related discipline


Entry level, commensurate with experience

To Apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to jobs@​fusionantibodies.​com citing reference S2016

Closing date for applications is Friday 29th January 2016.​