World-class antibody sequencing service offers ‘no-success-no-fee’ guarantee

Fusion Antibodies are announcing a new antibody sequencing guarantee to researchers around the world— no success, no fee.

We can sequence from any antibody producing cell line, mouse, rat, bovine, human guinea pig, hamster, rabbits and human antibody secreting EBV. We’re one of the only companies to successfully perform hybridoma sequencing and guarantee it.

Our quick, reliable and consistent monoclonal antibody sequencing service has always delivered top quality results that speak for themselves. Our new success guarantee further enhances researchers’ comfort and confidence in the outcome of their scientific research projects.

Why Is This Sequencing Guarantee Such Good News?

Pharmaceuticals, biomedical companies, clinical research organizations and research scientists looking to outsource Ab sequencing and hybridoma sequencing will enjoy greater peace of mind. They now have the added assurance that they will get the results they need to accelerate and validate their discoveries or patents.

Fusion Antibodies is efficient and thorough, plus we have several service levels to match your needs. A full report of the consensus variable domains including CDR identification is generated and sent to our clients for discussion. We can also provide you with the cDNA construct.

Contact us today for a quotation for guaranteed antibody sequencing. We serve clients in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, China, and wherever in the world your scientific research may be conducted.