Antibody Characterization

Antibody analysis services to support diagnostic and therapeutic antibody development.

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In silico antibody analysis services

Fusion Antibodies offer a suite of in silico antibody analysis services, which uses cutting edge software to examine the primary sequence and tertiary structure of your antibody or recombinant protein. These analyses probe the target affinity, immunogenicity and manufacturability of your antibody. Each of the below services can be used to analyse  particular characteristics of your antibody of interest or are available as part of an antibody developability by design (ADD) service package.

Fusion Scientist working within lab

Antibody immunogenicity screen

Evaluate the potential of your antibody to provoke an immune response in patients by screening for T-cell epitopes. Compare your antibody to all known germlines for similarity.

In silico primary antibody sequence liability analysis

Screen for sequence liabilities which can result in complications in downstream manufacturing.

  • in silico isomerization site analysis
  • in silico free cysteine analysis
  • in silico charge variant analysis
  • in silico glycosylation site analysis
  • in silico deamidation site analysis
  • in silico oxidation site analysis
  • in silico proteolytic site analysis

In silico antibody stability analysis

Analyze the stability of the antibody under different conditions and determine the isoelectric point.

In silico antibody aggregation and hydrophobicity analysis

Antibody aggregation can lead to manufacturing difficulties and also increased risk of immunogenicity reactions in patients. This analysis creates a hydrophobicity map of the antibody to help identify areas that may trigger aggregation.

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