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Selection of Host Species

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Fusion Antibodies understand antibodies. Our experienced team will integrate our expertise with your understanding of the role you want your antibody to play. Whether a simple binder is needed for research assays, a highly specific diagnostic or a potential therapeutic candidate acting on complex biological systems, every project is different, every target is unique. Our long experience and expertise in generating antibodies has shown us the value of drawing from a repertoire of antigen design options, immunisation scheduling, host species and screening strategies to build successful antibody discovery projects.

Mouse hybridoma technology, B-cell cloning strategies from rabbit, each has its own characteristics and application. We will integrate antigen, immunisation and screening tools to exploit these traits. We can select the best approach in partnership with you to deliver an antibody that not only binds but one which works in the way you need it to.

Mouse Hybridoma and Rabit B-Cell Cloning

How do we do this?

Strategy, function and execution are the key to success. We will examine your target and mechanism of action to propose an appropriate strategy. Once agreed, we will execute that strategy and de-risk your project through project management.

Selection of the host species that works best

Fusion Antibodies will help select the host species that is best suited to generating the type of antibody you need. Whether exploiting the rich diversity, affinity and specificity of rabbit B-cell monoclonals, or the targeted epitope specific focus and high screening rate of mouse hybridoma. Accounting for sequence conservation between species, we will design all aspects of the project around our knowledge of the host animal’s immune response.

Structural Modelling

Support from a state of the art structural modelling

Rather than relying on algorithms and guesswork for epitope prediction, Fusion Antibodies employs a suite of advanced protein 3D structural modelling tools. These generate homology models of potential antigenic peptides and proteins, aligning with the parental structures to select the best tools for the job. Experienced scientists interpret and apply the output from these packages overlaid with their expertise to offer a unique antigen design service that has delivered antibodies with a highly specific activity.


OptiMAL®: the antibody library you need for development success

Currently, in development, OptiMAL® is Fusion’s new mammalian antibody library – a discovery platform yielding fully human antibodies.

OptiMAL® is for clients looking to streamline the discovery and preclinical optimization of novel antibodies. Incorporating Fusion Antibodies’ proprietary protein engineering technologies, the library eliminates the need for platform switching and reformatting common with other approaches. The output from OptiMAL® is a fully-human antibody with no need for further humanization.

OptiMAL® is currently used in four exciting proof of concept studies. Contact us for more information and monitor our news section for further updates.