Antibody reformatting delivered with the end in mind.

We can engineer any antibody to help fit your target profile.

Antibody Reformatting

Bispecific and multispecific antibody engineering

We offer an engineering service which utilizes our extensive expertise in antibody structure to enable us to design and produce advanced bi- and multispecific molecules highly successfully. Our quality by design approach and experience in molecular modeling has allowed us to generate a wide range complex molecular formats with vast varieties of different specificities, valency, and structure, the design of which can be exquisitely tailored to the intended therapeutic use.

The difficult, non-native formats of such antibodies have traditionally been an obstacle to progression to the market. Recent engineering advances have overcome many of these difficulties in the development, which now make up >25% of all antibody therapeutics in development, with a fast increasing trajectory. We have extensive expertise and experience in the use of many established multispecific technologies such as Knobs-into-Holes platforms (KIH) but can also utilize novel, non-propriety design strategies dependent on a client’s requirements.

Multi-specific Figure

Antibody Isotype and Subtype Switching Services

Fusion Antibodies offer antibody isotype switching as a service. Using our own technology and in-house expertise we are able to change any antibody isotype from any species to any other isotype. The antibody isotype switching process involves replacing only the constant region of the antibody while maintaining the variable regions. Antibody class switching does not affect antigen specificity, retains antigen affinity and allows interaction with different effector molecules.

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