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Long road to the clinic
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Overcoming obstacles on the path to the clinic

Finding a high-affinity antibody that binds to your target is only the first step. Not every antibody has what it takes to become a licensed medicine.
Humanization Best Practice Steps
Fusion Antibodies | Quality By Design
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Fusion Antibodies: Quality By Design

Selecting a therapeutic antibody that will become commercially successful is often a huge gamble, with candidates potentially failing at any stage of development.
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Piloting successful transient protein expression

Waving goodbye to antibody engineering and moving your lead candidates into transient protein expression is a big milestone in therapeutic antibody development. Wise developers budget a few weeks into their timelines to invest in a small-scale pilot project before scaling up.
Humanization Schematic
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Harnessing the rabbit antibody repertoire

Rabbit derived monoclonal antibodies have become important starting points for therapeutic molecules. However, humanization of these antibodies can present challenges as traditional techniques have been concomitant with affinity loss and other issues.
Multi-specific Figure
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Bispecifics – Expanding the potential of immunotherapies

With a quality by design approach, we employ our in silico and protein engineering expertise to design and optimize an engineering program ideal for an antibody candidate, shaped with the endpoint in mind.
Sequencing image
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Stepping outside of the CDR to create naturalised libraries and humanized antibodies

With their high specificity, efficacy and safety profiles, it’s no wonder that antibodies have become the biggest selling drugs in recent years.
Antibody Fragment Image
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Humanized antibody innovation: Top tips for outsourcing

Dr Richard Buick, CTO of Fusion Antibodies explains what he believes to be the top criteria to consider when selecting a humanization outsourcing partner
Fusion Scientist in CLD Lab
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Starting your journey into manufacturing – choosing a cell line development provider

One of the biggest decisions which any company developing biological medicines makes is to move forward to the manufacture of their product.
Manufacturability blog
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Therapeutic antibodies: the scale of the manufacturing challenge

The most effective medicines in the world are of limited value if they can’t be produced in bulk, and at a reasonable cost. Therapeutic antibodies take years to develop. Without good oversight, each stage of development risks operating in a vacuum...
Affinity maturation phage display
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The challenges of phage display for affinity maturation

At Fusion Antibodies, our rational affinity maturation platform sidesteps most of the issues with phage display. Our rationally designed in silico libraries are magnitudes larger than phage libraries, with around 10^25 variants.
RAMP up your chances of getting to the clinic
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Making your best antibody better

RAMP™ up your chances of getting to the clinic.