Optimize your antibody to be the best

Humanization. Reformatting. Developability. Affinity Maturation.

Engineering a path to the clinic

We harness all aspects of antibody engineering to overcome obstacles to the clinic. From Intelligent design of ideal formats to address a therapeutic area to interrogating the sequence and structure of a client’s molecule in minute detail. We utilize our extensive expertise in the nuances of antibody engineering to produce lead molecules with ideal drug-like profiles. Ultimately, with the end in mind.

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Multi-specific Figure

Bispecifics – Expanding the potential of immunotherapies

With a quality by design approach, we employ our in silico and protein engineering expertise to design and optimize an engineering program ideal for an antibody candidate, shaped with the endpoint in mind.

Stepping outside of the CDR to create naturalised libraries and humanized antibodies

With their high specificity, efficacy and safety profiles, it’s no wonder that antibodies have become the biggest selling drugs in recent years.
Antibody Fragment Image

Humanized antibody innovation: Top tips for outsourcing

Dr Richard Buick, CTO of Fusion Antibodies explains what he believes to be the top criteria to consider when selecting a humanization outsourcing partner