Optimizing your sequence with the end in mind.

Safety, stability and commercial scalability.

Fusion Scientist

Individual in vitro biophysical characterization analyses

We offer a full menu of individual in vitro analyses to assess/ profile the function and biophysical characteristics of your molecule.

In silico antibody developability analysis package

We offer an in silico analysis package that profiles the primary sequence and tertiary structure of your protein to investigate potential developability liabilities. This includes potential charge variant sites, T cell epitopes, N-linked glycosylation sites, hydrophobicity and ropensity for aggregation.

This package is useful for aiding lead and candidate selection during the drug discovery process.

Antibody developability consultancy package

We offer a consultancy package including in silico primary sequence and tertiary structure profiling of your molecule followed by a detailed optimization proposal to improve the developability profile. All designed variants will be modelled and analyzed in silico to support our recommendations. This can be extended to a tailored package including production and in vitro analysis of designed variants to support the optimization program and aid in selection of a lead candidate for development.

Tailored optimization package

We offer a full range of tailored packages including in silico and in vitro profiling of protein variants to improve the developability profile of your protein. This includes reduction in propensity for aggregation, removal of T cell epitopes, CDR germlining, removal of charge variants and more.

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