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How do we do it?

Our first stage is a pilot study conducted with the end in mind. We establish what is essential to the client in their drug development journey and work in partnership to understand the issues.

TGE at Fusion Antibodies

Mammalian Expression

We recommend Mammalian expression when functional recombinant proteins with post-translational modifications are required. Our mammalian expression service gives early access to proteins expressed in CHO or HEK cells without the long time scales of cell line development. Transient expression in CHO cells is the workhorse of any therapeutic protein program, and we aim to deliver the best possible service to underpin the preclinical development program.

Bacterial Expression

Fusion Antibodies’ experience in bacterial expression systems makes this an excellent option for producing small proteins and antibody fragments. We offer expression optimisation in a range of bacterial strains, combined with protein refolding (if necessary) and optimised purification strategies.

Our transient mammalian and bacterial expression services are cost-effective solutions that allow reliable scaling from 50ml to 1L. A range of purification and analytical strategies support all expression projects tailored to the specific molecule.

Protein Purification

Every molecule is unique, and we understand that tailored purification strategies may be required for every project. Our range of purification techniques adapts to the specific molecule for robust and scalable batch production, delivering proteins of high purity and low endotoxin levels. We establish these for batch release and consistent QC.

Scalability is important for the effective downstream development of your molecule, and we ensure that methods are established with this in mind. We have multiple purification options in the native format or tagged, including Protein A/G affinity chromatography, IMAC, IEC, SEC, HIC. We can also perform high-resolution chromatography for the analysis of your protein and efficient purification at the small-scale level.

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