We go further than affinity improvement.

Using our Rational Affinity Maturation Platform: RAMP®

anti-Cathepsin S

Case study: A novel approach to affinity maturation

Read our short case study about the results we have delivered with Cathepsin S, using our unique affinity maturation platform RAMP®

Highlights from our approach to affinity maturation

  • Natural approach to library design
  • No need to generate a large physical library of variants
  • No bias for scFv format or bacterial expression (required for phage display)
  • Characterisation of mAbs in full IgG format
  • Rapid timelines
  • High proportion of expressed mAbs display improved affinity
  • >10-fold affinity improvement per round

We use a totally novel approach to generating diversity, therefore exploring new sequence space that other approaches will not do. Diversity is key! Our studies and experience teach that the framework regions, not only impact stability, but also binding. Our approach allows new sequences to be found that have unpredictable and beneficial consequences.

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At Fusion Antibodies, our rational affinity maturation platform sidesteps most of the issues with phage display. Our rationally designed in silico libraries are magnitudes larger than phage libraries, with around 10^25 variants.
RAMP up your chances of getting to the clinic
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Making your best antibody better

RAMP™ up your chances of getting to the clinic.

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