Antibody Reformatting

Antibody Reformatting

We offer a range of Antibody Reformatting services and are experienced in producing antibodies in a wide range of formats including scFv, Fab, bispecific and many more.

Antibody Fragment Development

Antibody fragments can be advantageous for particular downstream applications due to improved thermostability, solubility and diffusion compared to a full-length mAbs. For example, scFvs are advantageous in radio/diagnostic imaging in oncology due to improved tumour penetration.

We offer a range of Antibody Reformatting services. Based on the Fab and scFv formats as building blocks, we can engineer any antibody to help fit your target product profile. Some of our most popular antibody formats are described below but many more are possible.

scFv antibody fragments

There are many advantages in using scFvs, particularly in the fields of therapeutics and diagnostics. scFvs offer several advantages over monoclonal antibodies as carriers of radionuclei and drugs to tumors, including greater tumour penetration due their small size, low kidney uptake, rapid blood clearance and a lower negative response by the human immune system.

Fab and F(ab’)2 antibody fragments

Fab fragments differ from scFvs as they contain both variable domains and constant regions thus their construction and ultimate expression is somewhat more complex. If a monoclonal antibody is available the fab fragment can be created enzymatically, or by first sequencing the variable domains followed by recombinant expression. It is also possible to create a fab fragment whenever there is no monoclonal antibody available simply from the antibody variable region sequences if known.

Antibody FC Engineering: Chimeric Antibodies

Our chimeric antibody engineering service allows you to rapidly convert the species isotype of your antibody to validate its potential in various therapeutic or diagnostic assays. Variable domains sequenced from your hybridoma cell line can be recombined with constant domains of you choice.

  • Reduce the immunogenicity of the antibody in vivo.
  • Many constant domains available
  • Optional Antibody Sequencing service available
  • Compare effector functions
  • Optimize allotype

Antibody Isotype and Subtype Switching Services

Fusion Antibodies offer antibody isotype switching as a service. Using our own technology and in-house expertise we are able to change any antibody isotype from any species to any other isotype. The antibody isotype switching process involves replacing only the constant region of the antibody while maintaining the variable regions. Antibody class switching does not affect antigen specificity, retains antigen affinity and allows interaction with different effector molecules.

Bispecific antibody production

We offer a new and unique service of generating antibodies which are hybrids of two (or more) unique antibody molecules. We can aid in the design of your bispecific antibody and all we need to start would be freeze down vials of your antibody expressing cell lines. Fusion Antibodies will then sequence your antibodies, combine them in an engineered format and (if necessary) express your new antibody.

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