Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics USA

Fusion Antibodies is delighted to be attending Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics.

This event will be delivered in San Diego from 4-8th December 2022.

This is the #1 Antibody Engineering Conference for acceleratinf next generation antibosies to commercial success.

On Tuesday December 6th at 12:05pm, our CSO Dr Richard Buick will be delivering a scientific briefing on the following topic:

OptiMAL® – A Novel Library and Mammalian Display Platform for Antibody Discovery
We present a novel synthetic antibody library based on the natural human repertoire, coupled to a powerful CHO cell mammalian display platform. This
library has been screened by a combination of MACS and FACS to select antibodies against the immune-oncology target PD-1.

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About Fusion Antibodies 

Fusion Antibodies are world leaders in antibody development services specializing in the discovery, engineering and supply of pre-clinical biologics to clinical Cell Line Development.

We have guided hundreds of projects through critical pre-clinical stages, repeatedly proving our expertise as we strive to bring about a positive change in the healthcare industry.