Fusion Antibodies form strategic collaboration with E2DG to provide end-to-end service for oncology drug discovery companies.

Fusion Antibodies, a leading antibody discovery and development company, and E2DG, a drug development group, today announced a strategic collaboration to provide asset-centric drug discovery companies access to an end-to-end service in oncology drug discovery. The two companies will work together to deliver a seamless service offering for clients from discovery to manufacturing and PoC preclinical and phase I & II design and execution.

Under the agreement asset-centric oncology drug discovery companies will benefit from Fusion Antibodies’ expertise in the discovery and early development of novel and highly developable therapeutic antibodies and from the experience of E2DG in preclinical efficacy and phase I/II oncology clinical trials.

Christophe Mazars, CEO of E2DG, stated, “We have worked with Fusion Antibodies for more than eight years and we continue to deepen our relationship to provide the expertise, tools and services in oncology drug development to our clients. Collaborating with Fusion Antibodies provides our clients with access to platforms and tools to create exceptional antibodies against challenging targets, with the knowledge these antibodies will have been engineered, selected and optimised for performance and manufacturability.”

Paul Kerr, CEO of Fusion Antibodies, adds “E2DG’s track record of facilitating the delivery of ground-breaking oncology drugs to market is testament to their expertise in this space. We are delighted to be able to offer this next step for our clients who are committed to the provision of treatments that improve the lives of patients throughout the world.”

The strengths and synergies of these two companies will help drug discovery companies around the world to expedite the development of their therapeutic assets in a streamlined and efficient manner ensuring maximum value is added, in a capital efficient manner.  

About Fusion Antibodies

Fusion Antibodies delivers new technology and innovation throughout early-stage antibody discovery. As a drug discovery and research partner, our scientists increase the pace to the clinic by guiding clients to develop the best antibodies possible. From ideation through the early stages of drug discovery, we enable biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations towards their end-goal – the provision of treatments that improve the lives of patients throughout the world.

About Early Drug Development Group (E2DG)

E2DG supports biotech start-ups, investment fund groups and academic organizations in oncology to foster their R&D programs in a time- and cost-effective manner. With strong preclinical and pharmacological capabilities and experienced medical oncologist input, we offer professional assistance on preclinical drug development approaches and Phase I Clinical Trials to maximize the chance of your project success in oncology.

E2DG is focused on preclinical and clinical research specialized in the development of innovative first-in-class therapeutic agents in oncology. We have performed several drug development programs with more than 20 companies –ranging from small biotech to the largest pharma companies– for the evaluation of over 20 different leads (at least 8 first-in-man) in oncology, covering both small molecules and monoclonal antibodies.