Fusion Antibodies to collaborate with Analytics Engines

Fusion Antibodies and Analytics Engines to incorporate artificial intelligence into its world class antibody humanization service.

Fusion Antibodies plc, experts in antibody engineering and Analytics Engines, an advanced data analytics company, have announced a strategic collaboration to incorporate machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) into Fusion Antibodies’ CDRx™ humanization platform. This collaboration will boost Fusion Antibodies’ continual efforts to improve its algorithms to understand the structure/function relationship of its target antibodies. The CDRx™ platform makes it possible to perform multiple virtual experiments with panels of selected antibodies to discover properties that meet desired functionality and developability requirements with the long-term goal of reducing development costs and accelerating timelines so that novel antibody drugs can reach patients faster. 

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with the team at Analytics Engines to incorporate artificial intelligence into our CDRx™ platform. At Fusion Antibodies we want to keep differentiating our product to make sure it’s the best humanization platform in the world, and that’s our goal, keeping ourselves in front. Collaborating with Analytics Engines will allow us to drive up our quality and add more certainty and manufacturability to the products,” said Paul Kerr, CEO of Fusion Antibodies. 

“Analytics Engines are excited to be part of this collaboration, assisting Fusion Antibodies in taking the CDRx platform to the next level. Using our expertise in Machine Learning and AI, Fusion Antibodies will be able to create ML models to continually improve their antibody humanization process” said Aislinn Rice, CEO of Analytics Engines.

About Analytics Engines

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