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Antibody Engineering

The Antibody Engineering Services listed below are offered as stand alone services or as part of your complete Antibody Humanization package.

Fusion Antibodies is your “one stop” solution for Antibody Humanization. We accelerate your research from any stage to the production of a 100% Royalty Free Humanized Antibody.

Antibody Humanization service

Fusion Antibodies Humanization ServiceFusion Antibodies offer a Royalty Free antibody humanization service using our unique CDRx platform. Our technology combines your antibody variable domains with human antibody frameworks and constant domains to create a humanized antibody. Humanized antibodies are transiently expressed and characterised before progression to stable cell line development and production of cGMP-ready candidates. With our recently announced collaborations with Bizcom Japan, Pepscan, ISCA Diagnoctics and more our service has never been better.

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Antibody Fragments

Fusion Antibodies can produce a range of custom antibodies which are sure to deliver great results for your projects. With our recently announced Bi-specific antibody generation service we can design a unique custom antibody that targets multiple antigens of your choice.

Fusion Antibodies offers a range of engineered antibody configurations.

Fusion Antibodies offer a range of custom antibody configurations which are sure to meet your requirements. We can produce scFvs, Fabs, mini-bodies, tri-bodies, diabodies, chimerics and many more. We have long-standing expertise and extensive knowledge in this field and are happy to discuss any collaboration on a new antibody engineering project.

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Antibody Chimerization service

In addition to our Royalty Free Antibody Humanization service Fusion Antibodies offer antibody chimerization services. We have developed a technology for the rapid production of cell lines expressing full length chimeric antibodies or fully humanized antibodies. Chimeric antibodies contain murine domains sequenced from your hybridoma cell line which are combined with constant domains of your choice. Fusion Antibodies Antibody Chimerization Service allows you to specify your requirements for expression and characterisation, ensuring outstanding results every time.

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