Ideal drug or dead-end molecule?

Are you ready to move to transient protein expression? On the surface, an antibody molecule can look like an ideal candidate but what if you looked a little closer?

In-depth characterization is a vital stage in scaling up your molecule for transient protein expression and ultimately stable cell line development.

Spending time on a transient protein expression pilot program can help you rule out dead-end molecules and avoid nasty surprises at a later stage.

5 top tips for a transient protein expression pilot

Think you know your molecule?

Having the ability to distinguish an ideal drug candidate from a dead-end molecule at this stage is an absolute must for a successful drug developer.

In this  example, the presence of multimers and aggregates, only identified by a more thorough analysis, skew the affinity results and mask a low quality preparation of antibody.

Deep analysis of function, purity and protein quality is therefore vital.

About Fusion Antibodies

We are world leaders in antibody development services specializing in the discovery, engineering and supply of pre-clinical biologics to clinical Cell Line Development.

Fusion offers flexibility and agility while delivering clinical candidates focusing on developability, manufacturability and function.

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